The Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Regional Office V supports the celebration of the 34rd National Statistics Month this October, with this year’s theme Promoting Data and Statistics for Healthy Philippines


 Participate in the  Trivia Questions to win GCASH.



          Statistical Trivia Questions about DENR programs, projects, environmental situations, facts, hstorical events, and statistical science will be posted on the DENR 5’s Website at from October 9-27, 2023.

  1. Any individual is qualified to participate and enjoined by visiting DENR 5’s Website, except personnel of the DENR V Regional Information and Communications Technology Section of the Planning and Management Division.
  2. The statistical trivia will be published in no particular date and time.
  3. Participants' name, address, email and active cellphone number will be collected with the participants' consent subject to the rules and regulations setforth under Republic Act 10173 or otherwise know as the Data Privacy Act of 2012.
  4. Winners will be notified thru text or email and will be required to submit a CGASH Account where the prize will be sent. Winners are also required to submit photo/s for documentation purposes.
  5. The first three (3) individuals to get the correct answer will receive a GCASH prize of Php 200.00 each.
  6. A total of four (4) Statistical Trivia will be published all throughout the celebration of the 34th National Statistics Month. Participants can only join once in every statistical trivia publication.
  7. Winners will be published on the DENR 5 Website.