RLTA January 2020

The Rapid Land Tenure Appraisal (RLTA) Program of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Bicol is now underway. Various preliminary activities were already undertaken regionwide as part of the initial process.

Initially, the RLTA was introduced and presented to the Local Government Units (LGU) of San Andres in Catanduanes, Barcelona and Bulusan in the province of Sorsogon, in Jovellar in the province of Albay and in Jose Panganiban and Talisay in the province of Camarines Norte on January 20, 24, 27 and 29, 2020, respectively.

DENR V OIC, Assistant Regional Director for Technical Services (ARD TS) and head of the RLTA Team Atty. Ronnel C. Sopsop together with the Chiefs of the Surveys and Mapping Division and Licenses, Patents and Deeds Division, Engr. Josie A. Columna and Dolores C. Vargas, respectively, led the presentation of the objectives and benefits of the RLTA including the presentation of the Consolidated Cadastral Maps of the said LGUs.

“I have personally witnessed the success of the RLTA in Sorsogon as the pilot province of the program in 2018,” said ARD TS Sopsop. He highlighted the significance of the RLTA and the benefits of the systematic adjudication on land titling. ARD Sopsop further encouraged the LGUs to support and engage in the RLTA program of the DENR as it strengthens the reliability of the existing land records of DENR, DAR, ROD and the LGUs itself. Moreover, the RLTA will capacitate the local officials in land administration and management, which will boost their local economies through enhance revenue collection.

Furthermore, ARD Sopsop discussed about setting up a Land Information Office (LIO) in the offices of the LGUs by virtue of a Memorandum of Partnership Agreement (MOPA). The LIO will be a great avenue for the constituents and the LGU to settle any concern regarding land titling.

Meanwhile, the LGUs positively responded to the call of the DENR to engage in the RLTA. They committed their full support in the conduct of the preliminary activities, which will aid them in generating a land administration profile, which is a fundamental planning tool for their socio-economic and sustainable development.

The RLTA is being simultaneously conducted in the other provinces of Bicol through the Provincial and Community Environment and Natural Resources Offices.*DJJ