An estimated 2.5 meters of Acropora Table Coral was found by the Technical Team of the Coastal Resource and Foreshore Management Section (CRFMS) of the Conservation and Development Division (CDD) during the conduct of the Protected Area Suitability (PASA) at Barangay Buang, Bacacay, Albay. Part of the PASA is the Habitat Assessment, which focuses on Mangroves and Rapid Assessment of corals and seagrasses. This Acropora cytherea Table Coral is believed to be the largest table coral seen in Bicol region. Acropora cytherea is a colonial species of coral that grows in large horizontal plates. These are formed of many tiny branch growing vertically or at an angle and others growing horizontally to extend the colony. Acropora cytherea is considered by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species to be of "Least concern". Acropora has a wide range of species and in many locations it is one of the more abundant reef building species.