ENR Profile Environment

Table 1  Profile of Protected Area within the Region
Table 2 Area Distribution of Coastal Resources
Table 3 Inventory of Coral Reef
Table 4 Inventory of Seagrass
Table 5 Mangrove Assessment
Table 6 Mangrove Area Rehabilitated - For clarification
Table 7 Livelihood Projects Implemented in Coastal Areas
Table 8 Inland Wetland in the Region
Table 9 Classified Caves in the Region
Table 10 Identified/Assessed Critical Habitats
Table 11 Certificate of Wildlife Registration
Table 12 Wildlife Import/Export/Re-Export Permit
Table 13 CITES Import/Export/Re-Export Permit
Table 14 Wildlife Local Transport Permit
Table 15 Wildlife Collector's Permit (WCP)
Table 16 Issuance of Gratuitous Permit
Table 17 Wildlife Special Use Permit
Table 18 Special Local Transport Permit
Table 19 Wildlife Farm Permit
Table 20 Wildlife Culture Permit
Table 21 Clearance to Operate (for Zoological Parks and Botanical Gardens)
Table 22 Known Fauna Species by Taxonomic Group
Table 23 Known Flora Species by Taxonomic Group
Table 24 Endemic Fauna Species by Taxonomic Group
Table 25 Endemic Flora Species by Taxonomic Group
Table 26 Wild Flora Confiscation
Table 27 Wild Fauna Confiscation
Table 28 Wild Fauna Retrieval and Donation
Table 29 Wild Flora Retrieval and Donation
Table 30 Inventory of Wildlife at DENR Established Wildlife Rescue Center
Table 31 Population of Threatened Species
Table 32 Marine Turtles Tagged and Released
Table 33 Stranded Marine Turtle
Table 34 Marine Turtle Nest and Hatchlings
Table 35 Marine Turtle Nesting Sites
Table 36 Asian Waterbird Census
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