The Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Regional Office V supports the celebration of the 33rd National Statistics Month this October, with this year’s theme “Boosting the Country’s Recovery with Informed Decisions, Better Policies” which signifies the importance of informed decisions and better policies in pump priming the country’s socioeconomic recovery from the impact of the pandemic.


 Participate in our Trivia Questions of the day to win cellphone load.



          Statistical Trivia Questions about environmental situations, facts, historical events, statistical science will be posted on the DENR 5’s Website at from October 10-30, 2022.

  1. Any individual is qualified to participate and enjoined by visiting DENR 5’s Website, except personnel of the DENR V Regional Informatio and Communications Technology Section. The statistical trivia will be published in no particular date.
  2. Participants name, address, email and valid cellphone number will be collected and required. Winner’s may also be required to submit photo for documentation purposes.
  3. The first five (5) individual to get the correct answer will receive a cellphone load of Php 100.00 each.
  4. A total of four (4) Statistical Trivia will be published all throughout the celebration of the 33rd National Statistics Month.
  5. Winners will be published on the DENR 5 Website.