Clonal nursery to boost NGP implementation in Bicol

A more rigorous implementation of the National Greening Program (NGP) in the region is seen by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Bicol with the new and improved clonal nursery being constructed on the grounds of the Ecosystem Research and Development Service (ERDS) in Brgy. 2 EM’s Barrio South, Legazpi City.

This was stressed by DENR Regional Executive Director Joselin Marcus Fragada adding that the initial seedlings that would be produced by the nursery will be used to green urban and production forests sites in the region.

Director Fragada said the clonal facility will be operational by the end of May, which consequentially will boost the NGP implementation in Bicol.

“The structure is already completed as well as the working shed, only an improved water system is lacking for the clonal facility to be operational” ERDS Regional Technical Director William Palaypayon said.

RTD Palaypayon assured that seedlings being bred at the clonal facility will have 80-90% survival rate since they will be taken from a wider genetic base, and selected from the finest mature trees.

He explained that this can be achieved through enhanced cloning techniques that the ERDS will be utilizing, such as application of rooting hormones as well as an area with controlled environment and where newly harvested rooted potted seedlings are placed to allow gradual recovery and development of roots and shoots. He added also that a mini-hedge garden complements this cloning process.

RTD Palaypayon said that among trees that they will breed at the clonal facility are sacat, batino, sambulawan and dipterocarp trees like white and red lauan, guijo and guisoc.

He likewise conveyed that along production forest species, the ERDS will also be breeding seedlings suited for coastal areas and urban greening.

Press Release: April 30, 2012