Illegal logging and wildlife cases data now automated - DENR


Automation of data in illegal logging and wildlife cases has begun. It is the latest anti-corruption measure being undertaken by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) as it embarks on the so-called e-filing and monitoring system for illegal logging and wildlife cases. E-filing and monitoring system (E-FMS) on illegal logging and wildlife cases is a web-based application intended to systematize the recording and storage of illegal logging and wildlife cases filed in the DENR, Department of Justice and courts throughout the country. With the E-FMS information regarding anti-illegal logging and wildlife cases can be recorded, updated, stored, and retrieved in an organized and transparent manner it may be accessed by officials and lawyers who have an approved account that is protected by unique authentication.

Speaking before seven regions: National Capital Region, Region IVA (Calabarzon), IVB (Mimaropa), 5 (Bicol), 6 (Western Visayas), 7(Central Visayas), and 8 (Eastern Visayas), Assistant Secretary Daniel Darius M. Nicer of the DENR Internal Audit and Anti-Corruption Office explains this new system does four things: immediate reporting of apprehension using the data system devoted to reports in illegal logging and wildlife;  evading political interventions and pressures by interest groups;  the transaction is paper-less; and the judiciary is allowed access to facts of the case that may help expedite hearing.

The current system being adopted now in most DENR field offices is a manual filing system wherein all data are manually stored and reports are in hard copy. It has it flaws: duplication of reports submitted to recipient offices; lack of information available online regarding the cases filed; inconsistency with the species name as field personnel often use only the local names of forest or wildlife species; lack of reporting, monitoring, and transparency in the release of confiscated products, tools, equipment, and conveyances; and improper processing of cases.

However, with the new system, data is available 24 hours of the day, seven days a week; timely and accurate reports or statistics are generated online; queries on available information such as total number of cases, status of cases, volume of forest products, number of wildlife, among others.  Field offices could automatically generate Apprehension Case Numbers (ACN) online; and monitoring of the progress of cases may also be done by units concerned including the judiciary.

This system was piloted in Region IVA in January 21, 2014. It is much like the database Forestry Information System (FIS) that covers most DENR Forestry sector programs. This new system is focused on illegal logging cases.

Director Ric Enriquez of DENR Human Resources Development Service (HRDS) narrates how several units in DENR worked together to craft the module. Atty. Nicer wrote the E-FMS Module, partnered with Management Information System Division, Field Operations for implementation and with HRDS which provided funds for the learning course.

In 2009, corruption perception index of DENR among business nationwide has substantially improved from -34 in 2009, the image of the DENR has improved to +1 in 2012 owed to the anti-corruption measures undertaken by various units of the agency.

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