In celebration of the 118th Lands Anniversary, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Bicol through PENRO Sorsogon awarded 90 agricultural free patents to deserving beneficiaries during the Handog Titulo para sa Mamamayang Pilipino Program held at the Municipal Auditorium in Irosin, Sorsogon on September 10, 2019.

The 90 patents covering a total land area of 107.2147 hectares were distributed to the residents of barangays Bagsangan, Batang, Buenavista, Bulawan, Carriedo, Casini, Cawayan, Gabao, Gulang-Gulang, Gumapia, Lamboon, Liang, Macawayan, Mapaso, Monbon, Patag, Poblacion, Salvacion, San Agustin, San Juan, San Julian, San Pedro, Sto. Domingo, Tinampo, and Tongdol.

Present in the activity are local government officials of Irosin headed by Mayor Alfredo J. Cielo, Jr., Provincial Board Member Arzi Glipo, representing Sorsogon Governor Francis Joseph Escudero, and Kagawad Danilo Enaje, representing 2nd District Representative Bernardita Ramos. The DENR officials are also in full attendance led by OIC, Regional Executive Director Atty. Gil A. Aromin, CESO IV, Assistant Regional Director for Technical Services Atty. Ronnel C. Sopsop, Licenses, Patents, and Deeds Division (LPDD) OIC, Chief Dolores C. Vargas, and PENRO Sorsogon officials and staff.

In his message, Mayor Cielo said that the event depicts the importance of the convergence of the municipal government, provincial government, and national agencies like the DENR in carrying out their mission for the people.

RED Aromin stressed the importance of the titling of agricultural lands as this title shows proof of ownership and encouraged everyone to have their lands titled including government properties and facilities.

Provincial Board Member Arzi Glipo appreciated the efforts of the DENR in seeing through the completion of the titling of the agricultural lands of the farmers in Irosin, thereby providing them tenurial security and increased productivity. She also discussed the programs of the provincial government in terms of agriculture to provide technical and financial assistance to farmers and help market their products grown in agricultural lands, including cash assistance to rice farmers.

Meanwhile, Kagawad Danilo Enaje, representing Sorsogon 2nd District Representative Bernardita Ramos, expressed the latter's continued efforts to help the people of the 2nd District of Sorsogon.

In closing, ARD Sopsop expressed gratitude to the local government of Irosin for their support and cooperation in the programs of the DENR, not only in land titling but also in forest protection.



Some 75 beneficiaries receive their land titles from the collective efforts of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Bicol, the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) of Masbate, the Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) of Mobo, the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Mobo through its Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Office (MENRO) of Mobo, the Register of Deeds (ROD) of Masbate on September 24, 2019 at Bituon Beach Resort, Bagacay Mobo, Masbate.

DENR V OIC Regional Executive Director, Atty. Gil A. Aromin extended his gratitude to the participating groups who made the Handog Titulo Program possible for the residents of Mobo, Masbate. He accentuated the significance of these land titles to the locals and promised to carry on with the program to help more residents receive their own land titles. "The DENR is one with the supports local government units of Masbate in their economic development through the Rapid Land Tenure Appraisal/Assessment (RLTA) and the Handog Titulo Program", Aromin said during his message. On the other hand, the RLTA was launched in Mobo and Mandaon, Masbate on September 24 - 25, 2019.

The RLTA is the efficient processing and assessment of the status of the lands in determining its potential and qualification for the issuance of title. A Memorandum of Partnership Agreement (MOPA) was also signed between the DENR V and the Local Government of Mobo and Mandaon. In the same program, the cadastral survey of the municipality of Mandaon was also presented.

The Handog Titulo Program, RLTA Launching, and the MOPA signing was attended by the municipal mayor of Mobo, Hon. Raymund Osmundo N. Salvacion, Municipal Mayor of Mandaon, Hon. Emily E. Hao, DENR V Assistant Regional Director for Technical Services, Atty. Ronnel C. Sopsop, the Chief of the Technical Services Division of PENRO Masbate, Mr. Benito B. Salazar, OIC of the Register of Deeds, Mr. Noel C. Artillero, the Chief of the DENR V Licenses, Patents, and Deeds Division, Ms. Dolores C. Vargas, Mobo CENRO officer, Ms. Jean V. Imperial, other DENR PENRO, CENRO, and MENRO staff, and the Local Government Unit of Mobo and Mandaon, Masbate. *DJNJ


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DENR Bicol Hastens Government Procurement Process

DENR BICOL HAS A NEW GUARD. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Bicol has a new guard in the person of Atty. Gil A. Aromin, CESO IV. By virtue of Special Order 2019-07 dated January 7, 2019, Atty. Aromin will lead DENR Bicol replacing Regional Executive Director Atty. Antonio A. Abawag, CESO IV who will also serve as RED of DENR Region 2.



Masbate Kids Celebrate WMBD. (Photo by: Cyrus Job Dela Cruz)

Sunset as seen near the Naro Island Wildlife Sanctuary (NIWS), a Protected Area (PA) located at the southern part of Masbate Province. (Photo by: Cyrus Job Dela Cruz)

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